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The History of Tentera DiRaja Mosque

Tentera DiRaja was constructed in 1961 by Muslim soldiers in the Royal British Armed Forces after which it was named. The mosque, placed in its high perch at the top of Clementi Woods hill, was officially opened by the first President of Singapore, Yusof Ishak, on 30 March 1962. The mosque is known by its golden dome.

In the 1970s, the area around the mosque was slated for redevelopment. In this area, The National University of Singapore, housing for its faculty and Japanese school was built.

Tentera DiRaja Mosque was not left behind in the developments in Clementi. It also underwent several stages of upgrading and remodeling. The final and largest project was completed in 2006.

As a result, the Mosque can now hold more than 1000 of faithful in its prayer hall, more than double of its initial capacity.

Although its location is in a relatively isolated area, Tentera DiRaja Mosque is very active in reaching out the community. It is the only mosque which initiated and executed a project called “Mudik ke Hulu “ ( Returning to the right Path ) which reached out to Muslim youths at risk. Those who wished to remove their tattoos were given subsidies for the treatment and were enrolled in spiritual rehabilitation class.

Other activities carried out by the mosque include – organizing a weekend Madrasah for more than 200 students, holding regular religious classes for adult learners, conducting classes for learning the Quran and Arabic, conducting religious and sports events for Youths, organizing missionary camps and excursions and participating in community service to benefit Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Tentera DiRaja Mosque is also part of the Inter-religion Consultative Council(IRCC) where the mosque works together with grassroots groups in West Coast to conduct cross-cultural exchange and inter-religion dialouges.

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